1. In all contested cases that require more than an hour of the court's time, requests for a final hearing are made by filing the appropriate Certificate of Readiness ("COR") signed by ALL attorneys participating in the case. The COR shall be filed in the circuit court clerk's office.

2. There are three COR forms online at www.sumnercourts.com:
                    a. Divorce
                    b. Post-Divorce
                    c. All other civil cases.

3. Once the COR has been filed as indicated above, the attorneys will be contacted by Judge Thompson's judicial assistant with available trial dates. After all attorneys confirm an agreeable trial date in writing with the judicial assistant, the court will prepare and file an order setting the case for trial.

4.  In the event that all attorneys do not or will not sign the COR, the attorney seeking a court date shall file a motion asking the court to enter a COR and set the case. The motion should state that the case is at issue and adverse counsel refuses to sign the certificate of readiness.

5.  By signing the COR, an attorney is certifying to the court that the case is at issue and all necessary or desired trial preparation is complete. As a result, requests for continuances will NOT be liberally granted.