General Sessions Court is a court of limited jurisdiction hearing both civil and criminal cases.  Civil jurisdiction is limited to cases where the monetary damages do not exceed $25,000, except for Detainer Warrants, wherein the court shall have unlimited original jurisdiction.  The court also has unlimited original jurisdiction in actions to recover personal property.  The criminal jurisdiction of the General Sessions Court is limited to misdemeanor cases and preliminary hearings in felony cases.

Judge Kee Bryant-McCormick and Judge Ron Blanton are the two General Sessions Judges hearing criminal and civil matters in Sumner County.


General Sessions Courts hear the following types of cases on the following days:

Monday - Probation Violations, Private Prosecution, Driving on Suspended and Revoked
Tuesday - Driving Offenses, Orders of Protection
Wednesday - Drug Offenses, Domestic Assault and Orders of Protection
Thursday - Civil cases including landlord tenant disputes and Collections
Friday - TWRA violations, State Trooper tickets